Whitmore Lakes

WhitmoreLakes Terms & Conditions


1.1 The following definitions apply:

1.1.1 Bank Ticket: a person who accesses the grounds around the Lakes but does not enter the Lakes.

1.1.2 Child means any person under the age of 18 years who is accompanying the Customer to the Lakes.

1.1.3 Company or us means Whitmore Lakes Ltd incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 14864696 whose registered office is at Graphic House, 124 City Road, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, ST4 2PH, or any other member of its group from time to time together with the Company’s employees who may perform the obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

1.1.4 Customer or you means a person who accepts and agrees to these Terms and Conditions by reading these Terms and Conditions displayed on the Website and then ticks the box to confirm their acceptance.

1.1.5 Fee means the fee set out on the Website as amended from time to time.

1.1.6 Lakes mean all lakes or pools used for swimming or aqua sports at Whitmore Lakes, Three Mile Lane, Whitmore, ST5 5HW.

1.1.7 Order means the Customer’s order to purchase an entry ticket to the Lakes through the Website.

1.1.8 Temperature means the temperature of the Lakes as recorded daily by the Company and advertised at the reception office at the Lakes.

1.1.9 Website means the Company’s website https://whitmorelakes.co.uk/

1.2 Unless the context otherwise requires, each reference in these Terms and Conditions is a reference to these Terms and Conditions as amended or supplemented from time to time.

1.2 Unless the context otherwise requires, each reference in these Terms and Conditions is a reference to these Terms and Conditions as amended or supplemented from time to time.


2.1 The Lakes are managed by the Company. The Customer wishes to enter the Lakes in order to participate in open water swimming or aqua sports. The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to set out the terms on which the Company offers the Customer and any Child access to the Lakes for the purpose of open water swimming and aqua sports.

2.2 Any person accessing the Lakes for any reason must sign these Terms and Conditions including the Disclaimer on behalf of themselves and any Child before accessing the Lakes

2.3 All Customers should ensure they and any Child fully understand the dangers associated with open water swimming and aqua sports including the potential for personal injury and property loss.

2.4 Customers are reminded that open water swimming and aqua sports in the Lakes are potentially hazardous and that use of the Lakes is at the Customer’s own risk. All attendees, including those purchasing a Bank Ticket, must observe these Terms and Conditions at all times and sign the Disclaimer set out below.

2.5 Whilst the Company makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the descriptions of the Lakes are correct and reasonably accurate, images and video footage of the Lakes are for illustrative purposes only. By proceeding with an Order, the Customer confirms that they are not relying on any representations made by the Company.


3.1 By submitting an Order, the Customer:

3.1.1 agrees and accepts to be bound by these Terms and Conditions including the Disclaimer and confirms that each Child is able to satisfy the Entry Conditions; and

3.1.2 represents to the Company that the Customer has authority to make the Order on behalf of itself and any Child and that the Order is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

3.2 No part of the Website constitutes a contractual offer capable of acceptance. The Order constitutes a contractual offer that the Company may, at its sole discretion, accept. The Company’s acknowledgement of receipt of the Order does not mean that it has accepted it. The Company’s acceptance is indicated by it sending the Customer a booking confirmation by email. Only once the Company has sent the Customer a booking confirmation will there be a legally binding contract between the parties.

3.3 No person other than a Child will be admitted who has not bought their own ticket and read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

3.4 The Company may at its absolute discretion decline an Order.

3.5 Upon the Company accepting an Order, payment of the associated Fee must be made by the Customer.

3.6 All pre-booked tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

3.7 The Customer agrees to be legally responsible for any Child and confirms that the Child understands these Terms and Conditions and the Customer therefore accepts these Terms and Conditions on behalf of them self and the Child.

3.8 All attendees in the Customer’s group will be required to sign and complete the Disclaimer (in the form set out below) prior to entry into the Lakes. Any attendee who fails to complete the Disclaimer prior to the date on which they are due to attend will be refused entry into the Lakes.


4.1 The Company reserves the right to close the whole or any part of the Lakes or suspend the operation of open water swimming or aqua sports at any time for any technical or operational reasons (including staff illness), weather, capacity, special events or to ensure the safety and security of Customers or if the Company reasonably considers that the circumstances so require. If the Lakes are closed for any of the reasons set out above the Company reserves the right to offer substitute tickets for admission to the Lakes on an alternative date in substitution for any other form of redress.


5.1 All persons may access the Lakes subject to the following entry conditions (Entry Conditions):

5.1.1 All persons must have a valid entry ticket and have agreed to and accepted these Terms and Conditions and signed the Disclaimer. All entry tickets
purchased are only valid on the date and time printed on the ticket.

5.1.2 No dogs are not permitted on or around the Lakes unless the Customer has booked an entry ticket to swim in the Lake which is dog friendly.

5.1.3 A person should not participate in open water swimming or aqua sports if they have a known medical condition that would render such participation to be potentially unsafe for them. If the person has any medical conditions, they should consult with their own doctor to ascertain if they can take part. If there is any possibility the person might be pregnant, they should seek medical advice before swimming at the Lakes.

5.1.4 All persons accept that they have a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure their own safety. All persons in and around the Lakes should behave in a safe manner at all times and must not act in any manner which may disturb other users of the Lakes.

5.1.5 All persons taking part in an aqua sports activity at the Lakes must wear a life jacket.

5.1.6 All persons must comply with any reasonable instructions given to them by the Company’s personnel or any third party instructed on behalf of the Company. If a Customer disregards such instructions then the Company reserves the right to remove them from the Lakes, without any right to a refund.

5.1.7 A person must not enter the Lakes if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

5.1.8 All persons must enter and exit the Lakes at the specified place.

5.1.9 No person is permitted to dive into the Lakes.

5.1.10 All persons must be confident in the water and able to swim 50m unaided.

5.1.11 All persons must wear a bright swim cap at all times when in the Lakes.

5.1.12 All lone persons must ensure they have a tow float attached to them at all times when in the Lakes. Tow floats are available at the reception office.

5.1.13 All persons must ensure they have a tow float attached to them at all times when in the Lakes from 1 November to 30 April inclusive.

5.1.14 All persons should wear wetsuits, swim shoes and gloves.

5.1.15 When the water Temperature is below 14 degrees Celsius, any person who chooses not to wear a wetsuit should only remain in the Lakes for a maximum length of time equating to one minute for every one degree Celsius above zero degrees Celsius as advertised at reception, i.e. if the Temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, then the recommended maximum length of time for a Customer to be in the Lakes is 10 minutes. Please also refer to the outdoor swimming society guidelines available here: https://www.outdoorswimmingsociety.com/cold-water-feels-temperature-guide/.

5.1.16 Any person who is an inexperienced swimmer, or aged 11 to 18, should attend an Introduction to Cold / Open Water Swimming session with Kuotos Swim at the Lakes before swimming in the Lakes. Bookings are available here: (https://www.kuotosswim.com/owbookings).

5.1.17 Children under the age of 11 may access the Lakes for the purpose of attending a training session with Kuotos Swim only.

5.1.18 Children aged 11 to 15 years must be accompanied in the Lakes by a competent swimmer over the age of 18 (Adult) at all times in a ratio of one child to one Adult. The Adult must stay within 5 metres of the child at all times.

5.1.19 Customers aged 16 to 18 should be accompanied in the Lakes by an Adult, or otherwise be within direct sight of an Adult at the edge of the Lakes at all times.

5.1.20 A person below the age of 18 years will only be able to use the Lakes with parental consent and are not permitted to enter the Lakes between 1 November and 31 March inclusive.

5.1.21 A person must not cause any damage or disturbance to the wildlife or flora and fauna surrounding or in the Lakes.

5.1.22 All persons may only use eco safe sun cream whilst in or around the Lakes.

Whitmore Wild Swimming Waiver

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